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TradeQual Changing the Rules of Binary Options Trading

Changing the Rules of Binary Options Trading
TradEqual was set up with the goal of transforming traders into brokers, in order to break the monopoly on creating binary options. It empowers individual traders to write, create and sell their own binary options on its platform.
Look & Feel
The designers have created a clear and intuitive platform with a prominent ‘Order Book’ where the most attractive options are listed for sale. For traders who have not written options before, there are articles under the Education tab explaining how to create options with the highest payouts so that they will appear on the Order Book list and attract buyers. There is also a live on-screen chat room where traders are encouraged to chat freely with other traders, about trends in the market and about the options that they are offering for sale. The types of assets on offer are clearly listed: Stocks, Commodities, Currencies and Indices are clearly listed, and the live conversation in the chat room is helpful in highlighting the most exciting activity taking place across these markets.
Facilitating Profitable Trading
TradEqual is designed to facilitate trading between traders rather than offering options for sale. Their commission structure is radically different from other platforms because it charges either the buyer or the write of the option, depending on whether the option expires in or out of the money. For example, if a trader writes an option that predicts the price at expiry correctly and sells it to a buyer who believes it will expire differently, then the seller will pay 1.5% of the trade’s turnover as commission. But if the price at expiry is as the buyer predicted, then they receive the payout and 1.5% of the trade’s turnover is deducted from their account. If the option expires ‘at-the-money’, the trade is a tie and both the buyer and seller recover the money that they invested minus 1.5% commission.
On most platforms the broker is the “house” that wins when traders lose, but TradEqual makes more commission when traders succeed in selling options with higher payouts. This explains why TradEqual is invested in encouraging traders to aim high and maximize the return on their investment by writing profitable options. Their customer service team is keen to help traders to learn how to sell binary options because it’s a win-win for platform and trader.

Earning Unlimited Profits from Binary Options
There are no limits on the payouts that traders can write into their binary options. They can set the profit as low as 50% or as high as 700%, although traders are unlikely to find buyers if their payouts are too low or if there are more attractive options already listed on the platform. When the values of assets are fluctuating dramatically, traders will be able to offer attractive options with high payouts and earn major profits from the correct prediction of market movements. TradEqual does not limit the payouts that traders can offer or the profits that they can earn on their platform, which makes it an exciting new exchange with the potential for huge returns. And as always, the safety-catch in binary options trading is, of course, that you cannot lose more than you invest.

Playing on an Equal Playing Field
The platform describes itself as a level playing field for peer-to-peer trading that breaks the old binary options monopoly trading model and encourages social interaction and transparent peer-to-peer trading. Bonuses of $100 are on offer for those intrepid enough to open a trading account and try their hand at writing binary options.

Final Considerations
This platform is likely to attract the more experienced and adventurous traders who want to try their hand at writing options. It is likely to appeal particularly to those who trade in different markets and use TradEqual to hedge their risks, so trading could get exciting and extremely profitable when market conditions are volatile!

Broker: TradEqual
Founded: 2015
Support Types : ??
Languages: English, coming soon – Spanish, Russian & Arabic.
Minimum 1st Deposit: $250
Minimum Buy Trade Amount $15
Minimum Write and Sell Trade Amount $40
Maximum Trade Amount $1000
Bonuses Up to $100
Payout Un-Limited!
Coming soon – Free Demo Account
Number of Assets 21
Expiry Times 24/6 hourly.
Option Types High/Low – Buy Options and Write Options
Deposit Currency EUR, GBP, USD
Us Trades Not Allowed
Overall Score: 99

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Tel: 44-4443434
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Trade: $30 – Buy option. $40 – Write option.
Maximum Trade Per Option: $1000
Return Rate: Un Limited
Bonuses: $100

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