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Forex Trading Affiliate Programs Make money your website!

Do you have a website, blog or just credits on Traffic Exchanges or any other way to promote!! Start making Real Money with it using the best Forex Trading Affiliate programs online! These programs pay up to $500 CPA, or up to a 60% revenue Share which let you earn unlimited! Join them today and start earning Real Money!! Unlimited earnings possible with the revenue Share. These top programs are paying us $5000+ monthly. Month after month! So don’t wait longer start using these great Forex Affiliate Programs to make money online!

1. 500Affiliates Provider of Plus500 online Forex Trading
500Affiliates is the Number one Forex affiliate program as of their amazing High CPA earnings they offer. Earn up to $600 for each qualified trader, the CPA earnings depends on the country of the trader and the number of traders you make per month. The more traders you make the higher your earnings. As well you have the option to promote via revenue share instate of the CPA, on the revenue share you can earn up to 25% of the revenue share which can grow up high when you have some good active traders as each trade then brings you money no matter of they earn or lose you always make money. So don’t wait Click here to join 500Affiliates and start earning cash online

2. Hfaffiliates Provider of Hotforex online Forex Trading Great affiliate program with low $100 payout and up to a 60% revenue Share, paying monthly. The program you promote via Hfaffiliates had a low $5 funding option this means it is much easier to make traders that join, fund and become active. In this you maybe earn first some very small amounts per traders but this can grow up fast when you had a good trader, or ofcourse with a lot of small traders. With the 60% revenue share unlimited earnings are possible. So don’t wait Click here to join Hfaffiliates and start earning cash online

3. FXPN Partner Network Provider of Trade24 and a lot of other Forex Programs
FXPN Partner Network. The provider of a lot of Forex Trader programs they offer 10+ forex programs to promote with different earning rations. You can earn up to $600 CPA and up to a 50% revenue share, but they as well offer Hybride programs where you earn directly a CPA amount but as well revenue Share which is the best way to earn as it gives high direct earnings and with the revenue share as well future earnings. So don’t wait Click here to join FXPN Partner Network and start earning cash online

4. Agea Affiliate Provider of Agea online Forex Trading
Agea affiliate program is to promote agea which is very easy to promote as they offer a $5 Cash Bonus at Signup. You earn money on each trade they make so even if you just refer free members that start using their $5 you will earn cash. And if you get a good trader that makes a lot of cash and trades with their free cash you still keep earning from them!. They as well pay 10% affiliate earnings for refer new affiliate members to this program. So don’t wait Click here to join Hfaffiliates and start earning cash online

5. EtoroPartners Provider of Etoro online Forex Trading
EtoroPartners is one of the biggest affiliate traders programs online. The program you promote will be Etoro which is one of the best forex trade programs online. Etoro provids a great tool which is CopyTrader, which means that members can copy other traders, this means that they make a lot more transactions and that everyone can earn even if they don’t now how to handle forex trading. This means more money for you as affiliate partner. On EtoroPartners you have 2 options to earn. 1 CPA with up to $200 per player or rev share where you start at 25% revenue share but if you earn a lot this % will go up as well. So don’t wait Click here to join EtoroPartners and start earning cash online

eToro OpenBook: Get Ready for a New Way to Trade

Remember what the internet was like without YouTube, Facebook and Twitter? Me neither, and the same is about to be true for financial trading without social trading networks. Networks such as the eToro OpenBook are a true game changer. Instead of trading alone at home, this revolutionary application enables traders all over the world to connect with hundreds of thousands of other traders and harness their collective trading skills together.

How does social trading work?

The eToro OpenBook is a live database of all the trading activity carried out through the eToro platform. By being a member of the OpenBook network you can see what top profiting traders are doing, follow their trades and even them. That means that so when one trader makes a profitable trade, everyone else can benefit by learning from it or simply by copying the same trade!

OpenBook’s CopyTrader enables you to take the idea of shared trading information even further, by setting your account to automatically copy other traders. What this means is that a novice trader can literally trade like a pro within a matter of seconds by simply copying one of eToro’s guru traders. With the help of eToro CopyTrader you can effectively compile a people-based trading portfolio, rather than a financial instrument portfolio, and manage the traders you copy according to their results. The guru traders on the other hand, can get an extra income by accumulating a large following of copiers and getting some kickback from their trading activity.

How do I start copy trading?
Copy trading is in fact very different from regular financial trading in that it is so much easier than regular trading. Unlike the financial markets, profitable traders are easier to spot, monitor and manage simply because they are reliable. This is because consistently profitable traders already do the job of minimizing market risk for you, so you are less exposed to risk from the get go.
When you start copy trading, finding the right traders to copy is key. Luckily, eToro OpenBook provides you with a number of ways to choose the right traders for you. First and foremost, you have the OpenBook rankings. These rankings rate traders based their trading performance over a given time period, according to the parameter of your choice. It may seem wise to look for traders with the highest win percentage, however while this figure shows the ability of the trader to analyze the market it doesn’t reflect his/her ability to capitalize on the market movement, and therefore you should also make sure to look at the gains figure.
Once you figure out which traders you want to copy, all you have to do is click on the “Copy Trader” button and decide which percentage of your account you want to dedicate to copying each trader. Our experts agreed that it is always best to start copying a trader with only a small percentage of your margin (around 5%). Once the trader proves that he/she can consistently deliver, you can increase your investment.

All you have to do now is join the eToro OpenBook trading network today to start building your people based portfolio!

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